Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Barbara Koch - Head of Board

Chair of Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems

Tennenbacher Str.4

79106 Freiburg

Tel. 0761-203-3695

Fax 0761-203-3701

E-Mail: barbara.koch(at)


Prof. Dr. Stefan Glunz

Chair of Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

Emmy-Noether-Straße 2

79110 Freiburg

Tel. 0761-4588-5195

Fax 0761-4588-9250

E-Mail: stefan.glunz(at)


Prof. Dr. Moritz Diehl

Systems Control and Optimization Laboratory,

IMTEK - Department of Microsystems Engineering

Georges-Köhler-Allee 102

79110 Freiburg

Tel 0761-203-67852

E-Mail: moritz.diehl(at)


Prof. Dr. Anke Weidlich

Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering - INATECH


Emmy-Noether-Str. 2

79110 Freiburg

Tel 0761-203-54011

E-Mail: anke.weidlich(at)