M.Sc. "Renewable Energy Engineering and Management"

The international Master Programme „Renewable Energy Engineering and Management“ combines a wide-range of qualification in all disciplines of renewable energy with profound knowledge acquired in an elective track (Energy Systems Technology, Energy Conversion, Environmental Planning and Management) and extensive training in the management of renewable energies. The program is offered by the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering.

A website provides more information: www.rem.uni-freiburg.de


Master Online "Solar Energy Engineering"

The Online Master "Solar Energy Engineering" is offered by the University of Freiburg in scientific cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, ISE. Learn from the best German solar experts. Boost your career and become part of the solar community. Learn everything about solar energy research, development and production. Study online - from all around the world.

A website provides more information: www.solar-study.com